Inside an Entrepreneur’s Social Media Schedule (infograph)

Ever wonder how an entrepreneur uses their time on social media? I am probably an extreme example, but then again I sell professional services about social media, so I need to be on a top of it! And even if I did not, as an entrepreneur I must make sure my potential customers can find me and become known of my expertise. Social media is a my main sales channel. It’s all about convince and convert like Jay Baer says!

If you look at my schedule below, you’ll find I’m a typical social media user in terms of the times I engage with and in social media. These are the hours most people do. So if you want to influence people through social media, these are the typical hours you should be present to engage with your audiences.

My social media

Engaging in many ways:

  • Following what other people share, liking if they are to like and sharing if I think they might be useful to my audiences.
  • Curating content I find from other sources. These are mostly news and work related educational content I pick up from various media apps. Depending on the content, I decide where I share it. I never share everything in every social media. I think about my audience and what they expect from me, whether this is of value to them, what is the nature of the content and who does it concern.
  • Participating in discussions on Twitter, Facebook and sometimes also Linkedin. At this point, I would have to say I dislike Linkedin. It has been seriously broken for too long and is a major turn off for me.
  • I’ve abandoned Snapchat. Sometimes I might check out what others post, but I just didn’t find a natural way for me to activate Snapchat for my purposes. It’s way too marginal in Finland.

Creating content and learning from others:

  • I create my own business content on a daily basis: I write blog posts, plan and record episodes for our podcast, take photos, make infographics and so on. I don’t share everything at once obviously. To maintain an active content marketing schedule, one needs to have a lot of content in store in case of a holiday or a busy project schedule at work.
  • I also follow a lot of social media accounts especially on Instagram and Youtube to analyze what they do, how they do it, how does it make me feel  and what reactions it evoke in other followers. I do spend a lot of time on this as for my work, I need to be on a top of this stuff in order to figure out how our customers should use social media for employer branding, recruitment marketing engaging with their talent audiences.

My current Social Media favorites


The most amazing innovation ever to maintain connection to friends and family around the world. As people spend so much time on Facebook – just hanging out – if you understand the nature of Facebook, and use that to your advantage, Facebook is simply just a very awesome tool for work too.


Being a very visual person delighted and inspired by the aesthetics, I enjoy Instagram very much. Simple as that. It gives me pleasure.

Stitcher (podcast radio)

Stitcher is by far my favourite app for listening to podcasts. The UX is better than in any of the others I use. I use many though because not all the podcasts I listen to are available on Stitcher. I listen to a lot of podcasts! During long walks, while jogging, in the car, while I do laundry or do garden work, even when I get myself ready in the mornings! I’ve totally stopped radio and turned into podcasts. You could say I am a heavy podcast user!


It took me a while to get hooked on Youtube. But now that I am, it is one of my top social media’s. However, you have to find your liking, as the quality of videos goes from far and beyond to even further and beyond! The channels I consume the most are GaryVee, Amy Schmittauer, Sunny Lenarduzzi and our own boy Joonas Villanen. I watch or listen to for educational purposes. I don’t educate myself only about the topics of the videos, but also how these users make their videos: the general style, the length, the content, their appearance, how they perform, the technicalities and so on.


Soundcloud is another app I use for listening to and sharing my own podcast. It is better on desktop though than on mobile.

I also use Twitter actively, but at this point, calling it my favourite would be too much. Twitter has changed a lot and for the worse. It’s very crowded and there is too much going on for the eye. Even though I’m all for going forward, I miss the early days of Twitter when it was just *text*.  I keep forgetting about an app called Little Voices which takes me back to the good ol’ days of Twitter!

And no, I am not going to allow Linkedin on this list at all.

Inside my Social Media Schedule

@rantanensusanna on social media

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  • Miten moderni kasvuyrittäjä hyödyntää sosiaalista mediaa

    18.9.2017 at 08:33

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  • Sajan Kota

    14.11.2019 at 01:56

    Hi Susanna,

    Amazing infographic, Loved it. Scheduling time is one of the key to success for entrepreneurs. In this digital era entrepreneurs have so many things to do. They feel the constant need to save time to grow their business. I feel entrepreneurs should use tools like hootsuite , BuzzSumo and Buffer to better engage to with their clients. They can streamline the social media posting and would definitely a lot of time for the entrepreneurs.

    Thanks once again for sharing this insightful blog post.


    1. Susanna

      18.11.2019 at 13:56

      Thank you Sajan for your comment! I agree, good tools come valuable when we try to multiply ourselves and time to so many directions!

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