I'm starting over with this blog

I’m starting over with this blog

I’m a little bit embarrassed about the shortage of content on this blog. I feel the need to explain. I’m starting over with this blog.

This blog used to be in Finnish.  A little over year ago this blog was nominated as one of the 30 most inspiring business blogs in Finland. I’m not sure why, as I’ve never put a lot of effort into this blog. I blog to so many other blogs this one just was left at a side. I felt I needed to give more for the audience as a thank you for the nomination.

New professional plan

Last year was a year of changes for me. I needed to re-evaluate how my next 10 years will look like professionally and how that all will fit together with my family life and health.

I’ve now made a conscious plan to expand, personally. I made a huge mistake thinking Finland as a market would be sufficient for my vision. Well, it’s not. And it messed up with my previous professional plan. I decided to start over and take advantage of the opportunities the world may offer for me professionally. That’s why I decided to change my personal blog into English. I still blog in Finnish for our customer audience.

From opinions to practical advice

Another reason why I’m starting over with this blog is the way I blog. I used to blog more about my opinions and views. This type of blogging has started to irritate me a little bit. There are a lot of opinions in this world about things that seem to be wrong. But a very little practical advice how one should then do, if one is doing wrong. I want to blog more about practical advice, tips, how to’s. Extend the value offer to my audience. I probably still voice my opinions, how can I not? Opinions are the salt for dialogue! But I don’t want to leave it just at that.

I first intended to translate my Finnish content into English, but I’ve now decided not to. Because they are too opinionated and lack the practical advice.

That’s my excuse for the shortage of content at this point. I’m starting over with this blog. And I hope you enjoy it.

Please send questions, comments or ideas for what you’d like me to blog about. Those are always welcome. This blog is for budding entrepreneurs facing the issues such as starting a business, finding your path, growing your business, hiring employees, leading people, developing an attractive employer brand and a culture that supports your business goals and strategy. I will be using my own path, progress, experiences as well as my professional knowledge on these topics.

Thanks for reading this! I’m quite excited about the prospect of extending my personal brand outside Finland.

/ Susanna

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  • Seth Aldrich

    7.1.2020 at 13:23

    Great Post!

    1. Susanna

      22.4.2020 at 07:26

      Thanks Seth!

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