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How I manage time for my own content creation

Recently, I have given a lot of thought into how I manage time for my own content creation. As you can notice from the dates, It’s been a while since I blogged here.

I guess it speaks for what it is: as a hands-on entrepreneur, I have been so occupied with creating content and strategies for our customers, there has been no inspiration left for my own blog!

What is my own content creation?

Let me start by saying: for a small business entrepreneur, there is never enough time to get everything done you aspire. Therefore, my best advice for you is to do your best and then, give yourself some credit.

In addition to this, what I call my personal, professional, behind the scenes of my entrepreneurship -blog, I currently have my business blog (in Finnish) to update. Fortunately, my colleagues help me with that.

This autumn, I also started the English version of my business blog at modernemployerbrand.com. I have long term plans to expand outside Finland, and I decided to kick it off by sharing my professional expertise, as that is the way I know how to build a successful expertise brand.

If this wasn’t all, I have been podcasting weekly since June 2018 about modern employer branding in Finnish and the English version, another podcast, will be launched in January 2020.

So I have three blogs and two podcasts to keep up in addition to creative customer projects, leading my small business and just being a Mummy to our kid. I decided a while ago to give myself a break.

How I manage time for my own content creation

I manage time for my own content creation by keeping my priorities in order. What I promise, I deliver. What I cannot deliver, I won’t promise.

And my priorities at work are directly connected with what brings in cashflow and keeps my team happy and joyful, and the same at home. But replace the cashflow with the value of love pouring in.

You probably want me to be more specific, am I right?

I plan and schedule my time very thoroughly.

Literally, I use my Google Calendar and manage my time by planning slots.

An example of my week and planning my own time

What I do is I plan my time as accurately as I possibly can. There is no point in planning your time unless it is as realistic as possible. This is what I teach my employees as well.

But I don’t just plan, I also update the reserved slot once I’m done with the actual time spent on the task. And I mark it with the emoji ✔️to mark it done. This gives me better control over my time and guides me to plan my time even better because I learn how much time goes into everything.

I also plan my own content creation in the same way. I reserve a slot in my schedule and then deliver. Some weeks I have no time for extra content creation, and when I go back and evaluate my schedule, it’s easy to forgive myself when I see how my work expanded and ate away my weekend as well.

My top tips for managing your own content creation

Here are my top tips for managing your own content creation:

  1. Decide your priority content first. My priorities are customer content and weekly podcasts.
  2. Plan & schedule your content creation time. I find, if it’s not on my calendar, it won’t get done.
  3. Follow up on your actual time spent. Over time you will learn how much time, for example, one blog post takes from you. You’ll become better at planning and scheduling.
  4. Create a backlog of content ideas. I use Trello for business blogging as it is easier to share and update as a team. But excel works just the same, or Google Sheet. When you have a log of ideas, it’s easier to come up with new content.
  5. Figure out your most creative time of the day. Mine is in the morning. That’s why you can see my schedule kicking off at the dawn.

Let me know what you think! And, please, feel free to share your tips as well!

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